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Consulting Services

Just imagine how powerful even one simple advice from a professional can be if it is given at the right time. Internet space can be overwhelming, technologies are constantly changing and what worked in the past doesn’t guarantee results in the future. Having a qualified expert point you in the right direction is invaluable.

Web Development

You had an idea. You hired a designer. Some time later – you have your idea visually crafted on a piece of digital paper. What now? Well, you need to apply that concept to something really useful in real life, like a website. Having a great developer who will take time to understand your project  is crucial. That’s me!



Design Services

Sure, you need to have a website in this day and age, it’s not a new thing. But what makes your unique? How will you differentiate yours among the endless others? Your web assets must be functional AND great looking. If they are not, chances are that people will look elsewhere real soon after landing on them.

Integration Services

Today’s Internet technologies can be super complicated to understand, let alone connected in a meaningful way that will produce results in the real world. Fortunately, now you know somebody who can help you find the right solution to that specific requirement you have. And not only that – I will do it with a smile!



SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Yeah, that’s a mouthful all in itself – and now imagine what it actually is. Well, it’s just a fancy name to describe success on search engines like Google. It’s really good to be on the first page, more specifically on that top three results. And yep, I can help you achieve that.

Security Services

It’s important to have your web assets all in great shape. Today more than ever security must be taken seriously. Weaknesses and exploits are found every single day and you need to stay on top of them. Systems must be patched, updates applied regularly. Policies must be put in place to prevent unwanted scenarios.



Automation Services

Keeping an sharp eye on every single piece of your online business can be overwhelming. Today there are so many technology components that need to work together to produce results. You need to have them set up in a way that is automated as much as possible so that they work for you 24/7. I can help with it!

Optimization Services

Sometimes it only takes a few small tweaks here and there to achieve much better results in online production environments. Those things often aren’t that obvious to everyone, but there surely are there. It takes a keen, trained eye to spot the missing possibilities. Well – I have a keen, trained eye. Need I say more?


Looking for the whole package?

I’m most happy when I can help my clients in every way possible.
That’s why I like to offer my services as a full, turn-key package. From the first draft, visual concept, developed website up to the optimized, fully automated business easily accessible to your end customers on Google – I can easily help you on every step on that journey. If you’re looking for a dedicated, reliable, committed and accountable partner in your online business, look no further!

Not sure where to start?

If you want to achieve more on the Internet, you need to align many different things so that they are all working for you. You brand design must convey a strong message, your Internet assets must follow today’s high-standard technology best practices. If they don’t, they will end up collecting digital dust instead of customers. You surely don’t want that. Having someone skilled and dedicated to help you out with all of this is invaluable. That’s where I come in: you have the initial idea, I have the know-how to grow it bigger.

I’m known for making businesses explode in their Internet spaces. By utilizing latest technologies, industry’s best practices and some ninja skills, I can help you with your whole on-line game. There’s so much more these days to a successful web project then just having a website. It needs to be beautiful, it needs to be highly functional and simple to use. You always want to make it easy for your customers! I got your back on every step of the journey: from initial brainstorming, design and development to the optimization and implementation. I can also help with positioning your asset high on Google searches, at the exact time your ideal customers are searching for those things or services you offer! All maintenance is of course also taken off your back: I offer full service package.

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